In a Flash :-

Suicide is the term used to describe deliberately taking your own life. The wish to commit suicide is not a mental illness in its own right but is usually a symptom of other things such as severe stress, anxiety or depression. There is so much that can be done to help someone who feels suicidal and so it is vitally important to seek help. Talk to someone who you trust, call a helpline or go to see you GP as soon as possible – they will all be able to help you.

There are some risk factors which have been identified as being significant in trying to identify someone who is suicidal;


  • Someone who starts to keep themselves to themselves

  • If they have attempted suicide in the past

  • If a family member has attempted, or succeeded in committing suicide

  • Someone with a previous history of mental illness

More Detail :-

Support though counselling or taking medication to help through the crisis can help along with just feeling that you are not alone. There is no particular type of person who feels suicidal – boys or girls, from any background – even people who seem to have everything going for them can feel suicidal.


There is a big difference between feeling that life is really difficult and to thinking that suicide is the only way out. An attempt at suicide is a serious cry for help and is not done to attract attention. If you have a friend who is talking to you about feeling suicidal then it is really important that you tell an adult and get help for that friend straight away, by calling the emergency services on 999 if necessary. It is definitely not breaking a trust to tell someone else and you are being a good friend by doing it.