MindEd Launch

The launch of the MindEd project at a reception in London hosted by Norman Lamb marks the completion of a vast £2.9 million e-portal funded by the Department for Health. From today, a comprehensive resource of e-learning about children and young people’s mental health is available, free of charge, to anyone with a duty of care for children and young people.

Receiving approximately 25% of the overall budget, Counselling MindEd is a project managed and delivered by BACP, and contains a wealth of counselling knowledge to support the training of school and youth counsellors and supervisors working in primary, secondary, tertiary and community settings, as well as the independent sector.

Find out more about Counselling MindEd and access the detailed scoping reports which were commissioned to inform the development of the programme on the Counselling MindEd website here: www.counsellingminded.com

Counselling MindEd’s Steering Committee Chair, Nancy Rowland, Director of Research, Policy and Professional Practice at BACP, says:

“Counselling MindEd is an amazing resource and, with this level of investment from the Department of Health, a ringing acknowledgement of how important counselling and counselling skills are seen to be for children and young people’s mental health.”

Access Counselling MindEd directly from the MindEd e-portal here: www.minded.org.uk

The content is based on the evidence-based competences for counselling young people recently developed by BACP, and is integrated with the CYP IAPT core curriculum. The 46 sessions, organized into 14 modules, include fundamental building blocks such as ‘Counselling and its contexts,’ ‘Legal and professional issues,’ and ‘Relational skills’.

Clinical Lead for Counselling MindEd, Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling Psychology at Roehampton University and National Adviser for Counselling for CYP IAPT, explains:

“Counselling children and young people is a growing area. We found around 50 different courses in counselling children and young people in the UK, of very varied intensity and content. By basing the content on the BACP competency framework, we are trying to bring higher and more consistent standards to the training so we can effectively supplement this face-to-face provision.”

Read Catherine Jackson’s Therapy Today article about the project, including interviews with those involved, on BACP’s award-winning Therapy Today website: http://tinyurl.com/psbd9zk

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