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CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a great way to manage difficult thought processes and change troubling or unhealthy habits. Mindfulness is a useful set of therapy techniques to manage the symptoms of anxiety and stress, especially if you get overwhlemed in your thouhts or your body feels ponicky. Take a look at these resources which you can read online, download onto our computer or print. You can work through these in your own time and at your own pace or if you prefer, you can ask one of our counsellors to guide you through them one stage at a time and discuss the results as you go. Just ask a Peer Wellbeing Champion if you aren't sure what might suit you best.



If you like to look at animated diagrams and have aome on-screen interaction and mulit-media add-ins then this may be the right version for you.



If you like to print all 7 steps of in one go and then and annotate your course as you go this one may be the right one for you.




If you want to find ways to relax, clear away stress from you head and mind, these handouts will guide you through lots of quick and easy techniques that will be very effective.