Professional Support

Do I need Professional Support?


All of the support on Well4U is designed to help you deal with things that are affecting your mental health or emotional wellbeing. We understand that it can be difficult asking for help, but counselling offers you a regular time and space to talk openly about you and your life. You can try chatting with one of our teen mentors first to see if you can work out if you need professional support.


You may want to talk to a professional counsellor about how you're feeling or try and tackle a specific problem you are having. You may just want to learn how to cope with stressful situations. Ultimately, the Well4U website and online counselling is your time, to use however you like.


All of our counsellors are qualified, trained professionals who will listen to whatever you need to say - they won't judge you. Our counsellors come from a variety of backgrounds, and are trained to support you if you are struggling with things and don't feel able to cope. It isn't their job to have all the answers, but they can help you better understand your feelings and support you through dealing with them. Everything is guaranteed to be confidential, unless we feel you, or someone else, might be at risk. You can read more about how we protect you anytime.

Different ways to have your counselling


How you have counselling on Well4U is your choice. All sessions are online and last for 50 minutes, but you can choose whether it is by...


  • Private Chat - just like instant messaging, you'll be able to talk with your counsellor like texting in real time.

  • Private Messaging - this is email messaging through the website and has a bit of a delay.

  • Audio - here you'll be able to speak to your counsellor over the internet, but you won't be able to see them and they won't be able to see you.

  • Video using Big Blue Buuton - like Skype and Facetime this uses a webcam; if you choose visual counselling, you'll be able to see and talk to your counsellor.

  • Group sessions - this means there will be other people in the session with you. If you're interested in these, be sure to ask your counsellor when they are available for you.

  • Interactive - You can also use a range of interactive tools during your counselling sessions, like art and imagery, music and sound or therapeutic writing, to help you share your thoughts and feelings with your counsellor.

Different Types of Counselling Models Used


Click the link on the right to visit the "It's Good To Talk" website. There is an A-Z guide on all the types of counselling, where you may read some helpful descriptions. Being informed on which type of counselling is of interest and asking a counsellor if they can povide, it is a good idea before starting the counselling.

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