Peer Wellbeing Champions 



Sharing your worries and thoughts with anyone else can seem a daunting prospect. This can be worse if you think a professional person might judge you, or not take you seriously; sometimes it can seem easier not to bother talking at all!


Our Peer Wellbeing Champions know how hard it can be to admit to ourselves that we are finding things difficult, let alone tell someone else how we're feeling.


Some Peer Wellbeing Champions have first-hand experience of how challenging life can be. Many of them decide to become Peer Wellbeing Champions because they have been through tough times themselves.


Peer Wellbeing Champions know that everyone has good days and bad days, and on the bad days it can help to have someone around who asks 'How are you?' or 'How's it going?' and genuinely wants to know the answer.

Being friendly and informal makes Peer Suport an ideal first port of call if you're having difficulties, but sometimes you may need more professional help.


Peer Wellbeing Champions are well-informed about where such support can be found and can point you in the right direction. They will also understand that this might feel like a big step to take and can support you through the process. They won't make the appointment for you, but they can help you to make it, or be there for you after you have taken that step to carry on supporting you.


Click the link below for a list of some terms and phrases used in mental health treatments - explained by our peer mentors.