Bipolar Disorder


There are other names used to describe this of which

manic depression is the most common.

The difference between bipolar and depression is that

not only do you experience periods of very low mood

but you also have periods of high or agitated mood

which is called mania.


Mania can affect people differently however,

there are a number of symptoms which may be present


* Increased irritability

* Feeling as though you have extra energy,

even on very little sleep

* Increased levels of physical activity and being unable

to sit and rest

* Finding it difficult to concentrate

* Feeling as though you are invincible and that nothing

can harm you

* Feeling aggressive and impatient

* Engaging in dangerous behaviour

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Some of the symptoms of depression may include;

* Intense sadness

* Feeling tearful or crying a lot

* Either loss of appetite or over eating

* Feeling very tired even when you have had a lot of sleep

* Difficulty getting to sleep or waking early in the morning

* Finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks which are normally easy.

* Feeling of no pleasure in anything


The changes between the moods may be rapid and happen frequently or you may find that the changes are slower over a period of days and that you stay in one mood longer than the other. Bipolar can be frightening and leave you feeling very unsettled about predicting how you are going to feel. If you think that this describes you or some of the symptoms which you have then do talk to your GP.


There are a range of treatments available for Bipolar which can help with reducing the peaks and troughs in the emotions but also help you to learn strategies which will help to manage the symptoms. For some people taking medication can significantly improve their life and with the help of counselling, Bipolar can be something which is easily managed.

In some cases Bipolar episodes happen very infrequently and you may never have another, however for other people it becomes something which has to managed daily.