Try This "Emotional Family Tree" Maker

You may have an idea what your standard family tree would look like butthis tool gives you a chance to consider the emotional bonds or impacts ofhow family dynamics can play out. Perhaps your family is quite unusual and has been through many changes.


If not and you think you have a pretty average family, why not pick a popular culture or literary figure who you know hasbeen through lots of twists and turns. Here we have used Harry Potter asan example but there are lots of others who would make a great tree e.g.Oliver Twist, Benjamin Button, Odysseus and Penelope to name but a few. First go to GenoPro and download a free trial - use the key 9YD-D63-AYC-YC2-TMP and watch some of the tutorials so you can get a feel for how the symbols work. Send any completed tree files through to and we will display them here on the site.

If you want a counsellor to help you complete the family tree maker or discuss any results you have created with you, please use live chat or the enquiry form to request some help.